Coffee Lingo


The basket is a stainless-steel sieve that sits in the →portafilter and holds ground coffee while brewing. The amount, the size, and the distribution of holes in this basket defines the total open surface and is crucial for extraction and uniformity.


Barista is the name for a person preparing and serving →coffee. Since virtually anyone can call themselves a barista, there’s good and bad ones. But as with all crafts that have a long, rich tradition, it all comes down to understanding, →skill, and experience. A bad barista is someone who throws beans and hot →water together. You can find him out when you need to put →sugar into the dark brown liquid he produced. A good barista knows about →roasting, coffee machines, and is well versed in the preparation of all sorts of coffee beverages. A good barista is also articulate about sensory experiences and creates traditional coffee beverages with elegance, style, and effortlessness.

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