Coffee Lingo


Defines the habits of a group of people within an area or place. It usually has rules and a specific language that comes with it. There is such a thing as coffee culture, which originated in the 14th century, because we seem to enjoy the company of others while enjoying →coffee. Culture hovers around shared values. For us, some these values are:

1) Coffee is life. We care to make it good.
2) Look good, laugh lots, wear beanies.
3) Quality is never rushed, nor cheap.
4) The best cup of coffee is yet to be made.
5) Work is great, but making time for a bike ride also is.
6) Everything is about aesthetics; your look, your movements, the sound of your voice.


The most complex beverage in the world. In every aspect. Come by, let’s talk about it.


A simple method to brew different →coffees next to each other, making it possible to compare coffees at same →temperature. It’s the given method for evaluating coffees and rating them on the green selling part. It’s also used to create a flavour profile of a coffee. That’s actually more fun than it sounds, because you sit around with nice people and discover the hidden flavour treasures of some of the world’s finest coffees — at least when you do it with us.

customer service

A service that relies on the needs of the customer. Therefore, it can be different from customer to customer. What works for one can be wrong for the other. One customer might like a quick espresso and no talking, another wants a full explanation and a diversity of coffees. To serve their needs, a Barista needs to adapt each time. To do so, it is very important to ask the right questions and watch. The environment already asks different questions without even interaction. Your body language speaks and even how your voice sounds is a way of asking questions. Be aware that the best for the customer is not always what she’s used to. To understand and recommend in the right way is advanced customer service.

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