Coffee Lingo


The term “flowrate” is used in the industry in different ways:

1) Speed of the →water out of the grouphead, influenced by pump pressure and mechanical flow restrictors. Some people are using the term “water-debit” for this.

2) Speed of the water after the restriction of the ground beans. Both measured in grams per second.

The flowrate has an immense impact on the →extraction of our →coffee. We believe it’s the most important one and we invite you to join our religion of flow.


In general, freshness of →coffee. Important for green and →roasted coffee. In our shop, we serve →espresso that has been roasted 1–3 weeks before, and filter-roast beans that were roasted 2–6 weeks before. If your beans are too fresh, you can’t extract well, because carbon dioxide still clings to the surface of the ground beans. And then, as with many products, if your beans are too old, they grow stale.

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