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Kaffeekommune teaches you how to serve a perfect cup of coffee that suits the character of your coffeeshop. Tell us what you have and we’ll show you what’s possible.

We’ll help you develop your workspace, train your baristas, give advice on technology, and introduce new products. In short: we’ll help you serve excellent coffee.

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Kickstart & Workspace Design

Together, we’ll build up your coffee shop. We help you design your own workspace according to your needs — finding your visual language, saving resources and leveling up on efficiency means you increase your output while also increasing product quality.

Let’s lay down a solid foundation that you can evolve on.

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Team Training

The traditional barista craft has changed in the last decade. We know the physical parameters, chemical reactions, and technical tools to make great coffee. But you need to be your technical and social best to stand out from the crowd, because good coffee itself isn’t set up for success.

A beverage wants to be communicated to your customer. Let’s help your team speak coffee.

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Technology & Equipment

Depending on your individual preferences, positioning, and resources, we’ll find out which equipment will perform best for you, to minimize variation in product quality. It’s your tools that shape your coffee, so you’ll want impeccable water, a perfect grind, and on.

Let us help you find the best for your budget or develop custom solutions.

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Fresh Blood Cells

To keep customers coming, you want to keep them curious. We know the market inside out, so if you feel time’s getting ahead of you, we’ll have a professional’s eye on your shop. From refurbishing to better beans, to introducing a new product to your palette:

We carve out the way that leads to a new concept.

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