Coffee Lingo


Our extraction medium to dissolve solids from ground coffee. It’s important to know that our water consists of many different chemical components. Some are helping or blocking coffee →extraction, some add flavour and some components in the water are even able to destroy your coffee machine.

Water can be too hard or too soft.

1) If it’s too hard, the carbonate hardness blocks the capacity of water to dissolve the flavour from the coffee. You’ll get boring results in your cup. Also, limescale will damage your machine by covering your heating elements and blocking your valves. This is pricey, my friends.

2) You need some hardness in the water to extract flavour, otherwise you’ll have the same problems as with water that’s too hard: boring results. We think 80–140 TDS is a nice range of hardness for your water.

3) Besides water hardness, there are other important aspects of good water. For example: neutral pH, no chlorides, low nitrate, low salt, low iron … water is about as complex as astrophysics.

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