The coffee equipment we use at Kaffeekommune is the best you can find. We know from years of experience. Our workshop is a playground for testing this equipment — machines, grinders, paraphernalia —, where you can get advice or exchange thoughts about coffee. It’s also where our trainings and cuppings take place.

Gaustraße 67, 55116 Mainz

Open on request:

Homebarista Training

In small groups we’ll hone your coffee-making skills — in our workshop, with different machines. You’ll gain new insights and background knowledge to help you quickly mature your techniques, always with regards to your setup at home.

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Latte Art Class

Learn the art of pouring hearts, ferns, and tulips. This course explains all basic techniques, and we will practice them throughly in a small group. We always work one-on-one, so you can confidently pour fine latte art at home.

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Coffee is about what you like. We’ll introduce you to the universe of specialty coffee by tasting different beans and brews together to discover their secret flavours. The cuppings take place in our workshop, in a small group and cozy setting.

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“Less bullshit, better coffee.”

—Paul Bonna, Owner & Barista

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